Seven Top Golf Tips to Curing Your Golf Slice

Seven Top Golf Tips to Curing Your Golf Slice

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The golf slice is a nuisance to golfers. The ball ends up nowhere near your intended target, thus ultimately raising your golf score.

Eradicating the slice from your game is a major solution to bringing down your golf score. Below are some of the most effective tips for correcting the golf slice.

Golf Tip #1: Check Your Grip

For right-handed golfers, check that the line between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand that is gripping the club shaft is directly pointing to your right eye. Moreover, the left thumb must be placed in the palm of your right hand or trailing hand. Also make sure your grip is firm, but avoid making the grip too hard to maintain the fluidity of the release during impact.

Golf Tip #2: Thumbs Up at Follow-Through

If you’re gripping the shaft of the club correctly, the grip will be released after ball impact and your hands will take a thumbs-up position.

Golf Tip #3: Leading Shoulder Should Move Down

As you swing the golf club, your front shoulder (or left shoulder for the right-handed golfer) must go down with the swing. Not doing this will result in a slice or the ball being hit from the outside to the inside.

Golf Tip #4: Set-up Correctly

It is important that the golf ball be correctly positioned so that the face of the club will squarely hit the ball and prevent the slice from occurring. Having the ball farther in front will cause you to hit the ball at an arc or with the club face open, thereby causing a slice.

Golf Tip #5: Don’t Hold Back on Your Follow-Through

Don’t stop or shorten your follow through as not to reduce the speed and power of your golf swing. By allowing your follow through to proceed freely, you will maintain a correct balance during the swing. And this will enable you to hit the ball squarely, thus helping you avoid hitting a slice.

Golf Tip #6: Train Your Body with Golf Drills

It’s important to actually perform the golf drills and not just read several golf tips. By performing golf drills frequently, you will be able to build-up your motor memory or cellular memory for executing the ‘optimal’ golf swing.

By performing the golf drills, the correct swing will feel more natural and over time, your body will be trained to swing the golf club consistently at the right rhythm, power, and accuracy. You will be able to actualize the shots that you visualize at a higher rate.

Golf Tip #7: Aim for a Flatter Golf Plane

A slice results from an open-faced hit produced when a golfer’s swing travels an overly vertical golf plane or path. You can stop producing golf slices when you make your golf swing flatter by bending your knees more and turning your shoulders during each golf swing.

Most importantly, review your swing fundamentals to be able to pinpoint the root cause of your slice. Start your analysis from the most basic such as your golf grip, set-up, back swing, follow through, and etc.